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An Adventure Like
No Other...

"One of the most engaging performers I've seen!"
Caitlin North - Northern Alberta International Children's Festival of the Arts

Fizzlewit Fairy Finding entertainment with happy children anf mother
Fairy Finding Logo featuring a fairy princess waving her magic wand and leaving a trail of fairy dust behind her
072919Fizzlewits Fairy Finding064_edited_edited.jpg


"A playful children's classic"
Tam Anderson - Prairie Gardens & Adventure Park

Fairy Finding weaves whimsy and folklore together to create innovative shows that the whole family will enjoy. 

From spellbinding live action treasure hunts to enchanting virtual fairy tales and encounters, Fizzlewit (Rupert Appleyard) adds a magical sparkle to every occasion.

Available for events internationally, Fairy Finding is a unique way to create magical experiences.


"A magical experience! Don't miss Fairy Finding."
Graham Neil - CTV

Even if you can't make it to a live event, you can still feel the thrill and fun of Fairy Finding by joining Fizzlewit on his very own YouTube channel.


Watch as the fairy folk of his live tours spring to life as Fizzlewit explains all about their eccentric habits.

As well as bite sized adventures, you'll find even more amazing content! Tutorials, behind the scenes peeks and full length fairy tales. 

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and tune in regularly, you never know what Fizzlewit will find next...

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