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Fairy Finding Logo featuring a fairy princess waving her magic wand and leaving a trail of fairy dust behind her
Socially distanced events


"Professionalism, creative genius and talent."
Borysa Struk - BOS Events

Who said socially distant couldn't be spellbinding?


Even fairies move with the times and so Fairy Finding has some wonderful socially distant options that will make your event enchanting.​

As well as wearing PPE for distanced live tours, Fairy Finding has created ways to sustain the magic regardless of whatever restrictions may be in place.

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Events can now hire or commission a very special fairy installation tour .

Guests use clues to locate a series of fairy houses at their own pace, in a fun treasure hunt. Each hand crafted fairy box contains a special  QR code, which when scanned, leads to a video of Fizzlewit talking all about the fairy they have just found. 

Previous clients have even turned their Fairy installations into official geocaches, so that the fun of Fairy Finding can be enjoyed by their community even after their event is over.

For events which are not site specific Fizzlewit can create a completely virtual tour, either live or pre-recorded. 


If your event doesn't have a physical location, why not join Fizzlewit for a completely virtual, pre-recorded tour? Your patrons will be treated to a fun 20 minute Fairy Finding adventure. A great solution for modern times. 

If you want a zoom style event, Fairy Finding has you covered. Fairy Finding creator, Rupert Appleyard, also writes original fairy tales and has been featured on CBC radio reading them,  A zoom fairy tale reading with Fizzlewit is a very personal and magical experience.

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