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"Real magic and  genuine happiness"
Carol Guo - Specialty leasing and marketing manager

Fairy Finding is the brainchild of internationally acclaimed entertainer and artist Rupert Appleyard and has been creating magic since 2016

As well as performing as Fizzlewit, Rupert crafts each fairy diorama by hand, writes each riddle and edits every frame of video himself in order to make each Fairy Finding experience something truly special.

It takes a lot of imagination and hard work to bring the fairies of Fairy Finding to life, but when you see the wonder in the eyes of the children and families who discover them, it all makes sense.   

Clients include Edmonton Arts Council, Epcor, Glastonbury Festival for the Performing Arts, Northern Alberta International Children's Festival of the Arts, Millwoods Town Centre,  Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm, Central Alberta International Children's Festival of the Arts, AUPE and Snowking's Winter Festival.

Fizzlewit performs winter Fairy Finding in a snow castle
Fairy Finding Logo featuring a fairy princess waving her magic wand and leaving a trail of fairy dust behind her
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"He's got it bang on!"
The Sun Newspaper

British born performer Rupert Appleyard (aka Phileas Flash)  has been capturing hearts worldwide with his brilliant brand of balloon art, charming comedy and crazy magic for over 20 years.

He's traveled all over the globe and amazed audiences everywhere from Iceland to Egypt, Australia to Japan, and everywhere in between.

Not only a world class entertainer, Rupert has gained an international reputation for his innovative sculptural balloon art works. This reputation has led to him being a sought after teacher of balloon twisting.

He has appeared on countless TV and radio shows as well as online and print media. 


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