About Fizzlewit

Fairy Finding's creator, Rupert Appleyard, is an award winning artist and internationally renowned entertainer.  He has travelled the world as a performer and teacher of balloon art. Throughout his career in the performing arts he has gained a reputation for innovation and excellence.

He has appeared on TV stations including CTV, BBC, AMC, ITV, CBC, Global and City TV as well as numerous radio stations, newspapers and websites, where he has gained acclaim for his quick wit and professionalism.

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About Fairy Finding

In 2016 Rupert was struck by a crazy idea. Why not create an immersive fairy tale that could be experienced by families all over the world.  It would take the form of a treasure hunt and would include elements of story telling, puzzle solving and a treasure hunt. He purchased some garden gnomes and fairy decorations and set about creating a portable fairy trail that he could be host.

Since then Fairy Finding has been evolving. Shop brought fairies have been replaced by Rupert's own hand crafted artworks and set in their very own whimsical dioramas and houses.

Live tours are now joined by virtual tours and geo caching, where participants find site specific fairy houses and watch videos of Fizzlewit talking all about them.

Fairy Finding may have started small but it has grown into a project that spreads joy and magic everywhere!